June 20, 2024
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Congress attacks BJP over its ‘seat remark’

The Congress party has strongly attacked the BJP over its remark that the Grand Old Party could not win anything more than what they won last time (that is, in the year 2014).

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is believed to be the main leader who has used the narrative against the Grand Old Party in this election more than anyone else in his party.

The narrative can negatively affect the confidence of the ground level workers of the Congress Party, which is struggling to come back to prominence in the Indian politics with the support of good performance in this election.

The Congress leaders have criticised the BJP and its leadership over the remark made about the old party’s capability to win seats in the Indian parliament, in which once the Congress was an indispensable political force.

The leaders have expressed their confidence in their party’s ability to increase its strength in the parliament.

It seems that the latest remark by the BJP about the Congress’ strength has done more good to the Grand Old Party than the Saffron Party, as against the expectation.

The 2019 Indian general election enters its final stage. As it steps into its last lap, the political parties intensify their aggressiveness.

The result of the much-awaited election will come on 23rd May.

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