August 15, 2022
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Attack on nuns in Uttar Pradesh over alleged religion conversion

Attack on nuns in Uttar Pradesh. The Mirpur Catholic Mission School principal and teacher Roshni have been attacked on 10th. The two were waiting for a bus to go to Varanasi. As in previous incidents, the attack was blamed on proselytizing. The assailants, who approached the spot, got into an argument and then dragged him to the nearest police station.

The nuns alleged that the Hindu Yuva Vahini was behind the attack. They reached the police station and asked the activists to file a case against the nuns. However, they were released after consultation with school authorities and senior officials. However, the nuns were not ready to file a complaint. It is learned that they did not want to lodge a complaint due to threats from the Hindu Yuva Vahini organization.

Earlier, nuns were similarly attacked in Tsansi. During the train journey, four nuns of the Sacred Heart Church were attacked in Jhansi for allegedly trying to convert. The attack took place on the way home to two Odisha natives who were studying monasticism. The two accompanying men were not dressed in church attire because they were students. The attackers alleged that they were being taken away to convert.

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