July 15, 2024

Hong Kong Govt suspends controversial extradition bill

In a bid to quell the protest that has been disturbing the region for last couple of days, the Hong Kong government has suspended the controversial bill against which several thousands have assembled in the streets of the region raising slogans against the ruling and its supporters in the Chinese mainland.

It is due to the increasing pressure that the government, which earlier rejected the idea of suspending the proposed bill, has stepped back from its arrogant position and adopted a language of peace and settlement.

Earlier, over this matter, the pro-bill lawmakers and the anti-bill lawmakers clashed with each other in the Hong Kong lawmaking house, creating a major embarrassment situation.

It is at the time the anti-bill protesters planning to intensify the protest against the bill including the possibilities of force that the government has made a surprising move giving shock to both factions alike.

In the statement the government representative has used to inform about the seat of power’s new position in the issue, the representative has indicated the government intention to delay the proposed bill as long as it takes to find a consensus among the people of the region.

Most right groups have welcomed the positive initiative taken by the Hong Kong government.

The main fear of those opposing the bill is that the bill which supports the process of deportation gives unusual powers to China in the region, which the communist country considers as the integral part to its territory and its ‘one nation one government one people’ policy.

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