October 6, 2022
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Four people, including two women, lynched to death on suspicion of witchcraft

As many as four people, including two women, have been brutally lynched to death on the suspicion of witchcraft by a group of men in the Indian state of Jharkhand.

This is not the first that such a case has been reported from the state. In the past, several times, similar cases have been reported.

The incident has occurred in the Nagar Siskari village in Jharkhand. The village is located in the southwest region of the state.

The brutal event has taken place at around 2 am. The group has broken into the house of the affected in the midnight. They have dragged them out of their house, brought to the central area of the village, and beaten them. The merciless beating has continued until their death.

The whole event has taken an hour or a bit more to complete.

It is the most horrific lynching crime that has been reported from the state yet. The previous ones were not this horrible.

The police authorities have booked around four people in connection with the incident. More arrest is likely to happen in connection with the incident soon.

The authorities should take adequate measure to fight this maniac of lynching, which is a serious issue in the country.

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