December 12, 2023
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Anti-government protesters attacked in Hong Kong

A group of marked men has brutally attacked several anti-government protesters in Hong Kong lately.

The majority of the victims are the participants of an anti-government march organised near a China’s representative office.

The affected people suspect the involvement of triad in the crime.

The triad is a notorious criminal group based in China. It is said that this group often operates in connection with the government authorities in China.

Many believe the attack as the retaliation to the march the victims organised near the China’s representative office.

Among those suffered the attack, there is a Democratic Party lawmaker. He alleges that the police have not responded to the attack in a timely manner. He has strongly expressed his dissatisfaction against the slow response of the police authorities. He alleges that even though he has alerted the police about the incident, they have not showed up in the venue at the right time.

Hong Kong is in out of order since the handover of the city to China by the UK. Since the handover, China has been trying to impose their complete authority over the city and the anti-China or pro-Democratic forces have been trying to protest the special assurances guaranteed to the city at the time of handover.

The involvement of triad in the issue is a serious matter. A credible international agency should investigate the matter. The use of criminal forces to fight dissent is not acceptable.

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