September 26, 2022
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Sexual assault case: Binoy Kodiyeri moved to Bombay High Court to revoke the case

CPM Kerala state secretary, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son Binoy Kodiyeri approached the Bombay High Court to revoke the sexual abuse case against him.

As per the complaint given by the Bihari women the Mumbai police had filed an FIR aginst Binoy Kodiyeri, who claimed that Binoy had sexually abused her for nine years under the promise of marrying. His petition to revoke the FIR was filed on July 17. It will be considered by the high court on Wednesday.

Binoy who is on bail has been asked to appear before the police for a month. Binoy has also ordered to give his blood samples for DNA test, if the cops ask to. Due to some health reasons Binoy refused to give the blood sample on last Monday. Mumbai police then persisted to give the blood sample on July 22. And hence he moved to high court.

According to the complaint given by the Bihari woman to the police she said that she has been sexually abused for nine years and she had an eight-year-old child in this relationship.

She had filed complaint against Binoy on sexual abuse, cheating, and threatening. The officers of the Oshiwara police station have registered the complaint and are examining the case.

Binoy disagreed the allegations put on him and said this as an attempt to blackmail him. Though he knows the woman, he says that her statements are false.

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