June 7, 2023
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Boys were forced to wear bangles for not doing the homework by the primary school teacher

An incident has taken into awareness by the district primary education department of Mehsana that a government primary school teacher asked three boys to wear the bangles as punishment for not doing the homework.

Manubhai Prajapathi, a primary school teacher of Government Primary School Number 3 in Kheralu Taluka of Mehsana district  forced the boys of class six to wear bangles for not doing the homework. The teacher asked the girl student to hand over her bangles to three boys and forced them to wear it infront of the whole class as a ‘mark of shame’.

Kids chose not to go to school on Friday and Saturday due to shame of the incident occured. This incident was brought into awareness when the parents of the three students approached the education department officials claiming that their kids does not want to go to school anymore.

“An inquiry and detailed report will be sent after the statements of the parents are recorded. If the teacher is found guilty strict action will be taken against him. Both kids and parents have been called to the school on Monday ,”said Smita Patel, district education officer, Mehsana. The officials refused to admit the truth that the kids had stop coming to school after that particular incident.

“The teacher is sent on a leave as the inquiry is going on. The students will start coming to school on Monday onwards,” said Kalpana Chowdhary, Taluka Education Officer, Kheralu, Mehsana.

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