December 2, 2022
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Fire breaks out in Bandra

A severe fire has broken out in a building in Bandra in the Maharashtra’s capital city of Mumbai. The fire has engulfed the third and fourth floor of the building. As per a latest report, as many as one hundred people are feared trapped in the building, which has nearly nine floors. The rescue operations are underway. Only few hours have passed since the outburst of the fire.

According to another report, the rescue team deployed in the region has successfully rescued as many as sixty personals so far.

The rescue team is doing their best to bring the situation under their complete control. To an extent, they have succeeded in their task.

Nothing much is known about the fate of those who have been in the third and the fourth floor of the building when the fire has broken out.

It is these two floors which have experienced the worst effect of the fire. It is the timely interference of the rescue team that has prevented the possibility of the fire to spread from the most affected floors to the least affected areas of the buildings.

More details are awaited.

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