May 25, 2024
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Former HC judge Karnan to get freedom today


Former High Court judge C S Karnan, who was jailed by the Supreme Court for contempt case, is set to get freedom today.

He is the first sitting High Court judge to have been handed such a serious jail term by the top court of the country.

When he had been awarded a harsher jail term, he was still holding the position of a High Court judge of Calcutta High Court.

There were reports that it was the jailed judge’s provocative actions prompted the top court to take a stiff action.

Judge Karnan was an advocate in the Madras High Court. Later, he became a judge of the same high court.

As per the reports, he was transferred to the Calcutta HC later due to his provocative actions and behavior.

According to the information, there in the Calcutta HC also he continued to act in the style he used to work in other courts; he raised several allegations against other judges.

Initially, the top court delivered a bailable warrant. But, when he appeared before the court, he raised an unprecedented argument.

Later, he was sentenced by the top court for six months. Anyway, after evading the arrest for almost one month, he was arrested on June 20.  

His arrest triggered wide spread protest across the country. Many believe that had he belonged to some upper caste, he would not have suffered such a humiliating experience.


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