November 29, 2022
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SC lashes out at Delhi and central gov over garbage disposal issue



The Supreme Court of India on last day strongly criticized the Delhi government and Central government over the garbage disposal issue, observing that there are only feeble landfill sites available in the state capital.An SC bench headed by Justice Madan B Lokur cited some Media reports broadcasted by some prominent news channels to emphasize the seriousness of the issue.In the court, Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar appeared for the Delhi government. He was insisted by the court to give a credible explanation. Anyway, for that, he sought time saying he would need to discuss with his government authorities. He reportedly assured that he would inform the court what are the steps being taken by the government over the garbage disposal issue.He further pledged that he would apprise the court of whether the present landfill sites could be shifted to some new locations outside the city.


Earlier, on October 6, the government was supposed to convene a meeting in order to discuss these issues. But, due to some personal issues, the Delhi CM informed the authorities that he could not participate, so the meeting was rescheduled to October 16.While giving a clarification in the court, the Solicitor General claimed that during the meeting convened by the government the representatives discussed several important issues including the garbage and health.Notably, earlier, on October 6, the court lashed out at the government for not convening the meeting.For the last couple of weeks, the number of chikungunya cases was constantly increasing. Fortunately, the rate dropped considerably on this week.Anyway, the court indirectly advised that the public servants mainly politicians and people’s representatives must be little more sincere in their work.





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