January 21, 2022
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Three prime Asian superpowers to meet in Osaka soon for their second trilateral meeting

The top representatives of three major Asian superpowers, India, China and Russia, are set to meet in Osaka in the near future to conduct their second trilateral meeting. In the meeting, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to participate. The leaders are likely to discuss several sensitive issues including the changing attitude of the US towards the East.

The meeting will happen in the sideline of the upcoming G-20 summit, which is scheduled to begin in June 28 in Osaka.

There are reports that the US is closely watching the developments in the eastern region, especially the relation between China and Russia. The US is at present not in good terms with China and Russia. Among the said Asian superpower countries, India is the only country which maintains a good relation with the US at present. But, even India is unhappy with the protectionist trade policy the US follows at present.

Recently, to a trade provocation made by the United States, India has responded in the same coin.

A good relation with Russia, China and India means a decreased influence of the US in the Asian continent and a failure of the White House’s attempt to create rift against the Asian powers.

In a world dominated by the protectionist US, the best alternative India has at present is the Russia-China-India trade partnership. If it achieves that, the future of the entire Asia will be bright. Let this be the first step towards the greater objective of an Asian Union.

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