July 18, 2024
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Agitation intensifies in Sri Lanka; Police and protesters clashed

In Sri Lanka the agitation is intensifying. Protests erupted in the streets throughout the night. Protests intensified in many places. In many places, the poles and the people clashed in Negombo city. People surrounded the houses of political leaders. An attempt was made to set fire to the house of former minister Gamini Lokuge. Meanwhile, the opposition has made it clear that it will not join the all-party government.

The nationwide curfew announced as part of the crackdown on popular protests continues. The move comes as protests intensify in the capital, Colombo. Strict restrictions are in place in the country, which is reeling under the financial crisis. The military can arrest and detain any suspect.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who declared a state of emergency, said the move was aimed at maintaining law and order and supplying supplies. Widespread protests and clashes erupted yesterday in front of the president’s residence. Meanwhile, the IMF will begin talks this week on granting loans to alleviate Sri Lanka’s distress. Debt-ridden Sri Lanka is in no position to move forward without foreign aid.

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