September 17, 2021
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BSP severs its political tie with SP

A day after BSP leader Mayawati tightened her grip over the party by inducting her younger brother, Anand Kumar, and her brother’s son, Aakash Anand, into the top positions of the party as its vice-president and as its national coordinators respectively, she has declared her intention to severe her party’s political alliance with its former rival, SP, with which it fought against the BJP in the recent General Election.

She has justified her action by citing political reasons like the unwillingness shows by the Yadhva community, the prime vote base of the SP, to work along with the Jadhva community, the prime vote base of the BSP.

She has also pointed out the alliance’s inability to create any significant impact in the state against the BJP in the recent election.

As per her statement, the BSP will no longer contest any election in alliance with the SP.

Earlier, the BSP declared that it would contest alone in the upcoming by-elections in the state.

Anyway, the BSP leader has advised the SP leaders to train their supports in the way her party trains its supports.

There are no indications that the BSP leader has any kind of personal rivalry with the top leader of the SP, Akhilash Yadav.

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