July 15, 2024

US warns Iran of serious consequences in event of war

The United States warns that Iran will face serious consequences if the tension formed between them escalates into a war like situation.

US president Donald Trump recently aborted a US military plan to retaliate Iran’s attack on the US unmanned drone in the same coin.

While speaking to the media persons, the US supremo says that the plan was dropped after he had been convinced that the attack could harm at least 150 Iranians.

The US leader asserts that his country is open for discussion with Iran but it will not allow Tehran to continue with its nuclear program.

The relation between Tehran and Washington fell on wrong track when the US walked out of the nuclear deal it reached with the Arabian country during the Obama era.

It worsened when the world’s most richest and most powerful country imposed economic sanction over the Middle East’s rising power.

Recently, Iran gunned down an unmanned drone owned by the US, taking the tension to another level.

Fortunately, the US has decided not to respond to the provocation in the irresponsible way in which Iran acted.

An observer says that the language of peace is the best option before both countries. He adds that war can bring nothing but disaster.

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