April 13, 2024
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CBI to investigate Rohini ashram case


A day after a rescue team found around one hundred women and men illegally confined in the premises of a Rohini-based ashram in Delhi, the Delhi High Court has directed the Central Bureau of Investigation to launch an investigation into the First Information Reports filed against the ashram and its founder.

There were reports that those people confined in the ashram were living in very pathetic living conditions; there were no privacy or freedom allowed to these poor people living in the dark rooms separated using metal bars.

The shocking fact is that most of those people who were confined in these dark cells of ashram were minors.

As per the unacknowledged preliminary report, the rescue team got sufficient evidence to believe that the women living in the ashram were sexually exploited.

Another shocking fact is that the evidences recovered from the premises indicate some rescued were even subjected to substance abuse.

Indentifying these realities, the concerned has directed the state health department to check the health condition of those rescued.

The reality that such an institution existed in the capital of our country mocks at the very existence of the law and order system.


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