April 16, 2024
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Film based on Indian village women’s attempt to eliminate stigma around menstruation wins Oscar

PeriodEndOfSentence UP Oscar

A documentary film based on a revolutionary manufacturing unit developed by a group of young Indian women to eliminate all kinds of stigma around the pure biological process of menstruation has brought India glory in the form of an Oscar award.

The film, named ‘Period End of Sentence’, discusses how seven young Indian women –Rakhi, 22, Preeti, 21, Nishu, 19, Arishi, 18, Ruksana, 18, Sushma, 32, and Sneha, 22– convince their family members and villagers about the importance of their industry.

The sanitary pad manufacturing industry on which the film is based is still regarded as a dirty business by many in Kathi Kher village in Uttar Pradesh.

In this village, having a personal toilet is a luxury. Interestingly, in the houses of the two of the seven ladies that wrists publicity through the film, there are no personal toilets.

These realities are enough to understand that how much effort the ladies might have put to reach so far in their revolutionary journey.    

There ladies are now the stars of their village. Though the majority of the villages do not know how valuable an Oscar award is, they are happy for their women.

Those days are gone when this biological process is considered as a stigma. It is hoped that the story will inspire many villagers, who live in similar background as that of these seven ladies, to take a lead to the positive change their villages desperately need for the betterment of their future generation.


Vignesh. S. G

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