May 30, 2024
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Employer asks employees’ virginity status

Have you ever thought that what kind of questions an employer could ask and how far it could be when we stand on their doorstep in search of a job opportunity? In a country where the preponderance of the workforce stands outside the secure environment of the organised sector, the act of exploitation of the employees is a new normal. When there are no concrete laws to guide the employers what they should ask and what not, the application form for the job can be filled with whatever personal questions they wish to ask. In a report published in one of the leading national dailies, it is said that one of the renowned super-speciality medical institutes of the Indian state of Bihar has asked their employees to declare whether they are virgin or not in the application form. In the report, it is also said that the employer has enquired the employees in the form whether they have more than one wife or whether they are married to a person having more than one wife. There has been no information on why such questions have been asked by the employer. There is no doubt that it is unfair to ask such questions. It is learned that the hospital authorities have claimed that the government is the authorised authority which has the power to make changes on the application form. The issue brings shame to the concerned authority which has made such an application form. It is apparent that in the coming days the nation will discuss the issue.


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