July 25, 2021

Taiwan legalises same-sex marriage

The Asian country of Taiwan has legalised the controversial marriage of same-sex marriage Today. The country is the first Asian country which has voted in favour of the same sex marriage. The country’s parliament has discussed around three different bills on the same issue. The parliament has found the government’s bill on the issue as the most progressive of the three bills and adopted it as its same-sex marriage bill.

Around two years before, the Supreme Court of the country recognised the right to perform same-sex marriage. It gave an ultimatum for the parliament to come up with a law that allows the practice of same-sex marriage. The ultimatum was supposed to end of this 24.

All progressive organisations have welcomed the bill. Several marches have been conducted across the country to express the happiness over the passage of the bill by the parliament.

Meanwhile, the conservative opposition has denounced the bill and expressed their dissatisfaction openly about the passage of the bill.

In Taiwan, the conservative is a not powerful force in the parliament.

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