June 20, 2024
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Indian diaspora welcomes cabinet’s decision to launch ‘proxy vote system’

In order to empower the Indian diaspora, the central cabinet has decided to let them vote in the elections in the form of the proxy vote method. As per this method, the Indians living in the foreign countries can nominate those living in the country to vote in the election on their behalf. Interestingly, though some of the organisations representing the Indian diaspora have wholeheartedly welcomed the move, they have also expressed apprehension about the possibility of misuse of the provision. For the Indian diaspora, the best option is to vote through the online platforms. The e-voting system is widely used in many developed countries such as France. These countries mostly use this kind of system to let the people living in their overseas territories participate in the democratic election process. Anyway, the proposed amendment is a blessing to many NRI Indians, particularly the ‘Keralite NRIs’ who have a clear knowledge about the politics. If the proposal gets the assent of the Parliament, it will become a law. There are allegations that some political parties are not in favour of the new proposal as it is likely to make significant changes in the electoral demography of many constituencies in which at present the electoral margin is very low. It is clear that in the coming days the nation is likely to witness serious discussions and debates over this issue. Can we really empower the Indian diaspora with this revolutionary amendment?


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