June 21, 2024
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Transgender cop alleged workplace harassment attempts suicide

Representational picture

Representational picture

The first transgender person, who has joined the police department in the Tamil Nadu town of Ramanathapuram, has attempted suicide as she has felt that she has been made to face discrimination and harassment in her place of work in the name of her gender and caste.

The incident exposes how difficult is it to work in the police department of the state if the employee does not belong to any privileged caste or accepted gender.

The issue has potential enough to taint the image of the Tamil Nadu police department. If the police department of the state is serious about making its workplace safe and friendly for all its employees, it must sort this issue as early as possible.

The appreciable thing is that the department has launched an official enquiry into the issue. Though the victim has not publically explained exactly how her colleagues have harassed her and where these harassments have taken place, the department has decided to probe all possibilities.

The transgender community is one of the weakest gender communities in our country. Though the country has executed several policies to bring this community to the forefront of the society, no serious progress has been achieved so far.

The incident proves that the country needs to cross many milestones to claim confidently that it is the safest place for the third gender community.



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