September 27, 2020
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Elite MPs have no bother about attendance: PRS survey

 The celebrity and elite candidates always hold an advantage in the electoral politics because they are familiar figures among the voters and they don’t need to introduce them and explain his/her details and background to the voters in order to create an acquaintance network. Very often, this acquaintance network along with the political party support network or cast support network easily derives a winning formula. That is why, the majority of the political parties field the celebrity or elite candidates, who have the potential to create an acquaintance network, in the complicated constituencies where they fail to form a winning formula by themselves. Is this tactic giving any benefit to the voters? From the attendance report publicised by non-profit research foundation PRS which researches and publishes the affairs of the parliament proceedings and other details related to the lawmaking institution, it is identified that the celebrity and elite members of the parliament are not very bothered about the attendance and thus parliament proceedings. According to the attendance report, Hema Maline, the Bollywood actress turned lawmaker, has only thirty-five per cent attendance in the parliament and Rahul Gandhi, the Congress scion, has only fifty-four per cent attendance. The interesting fact is that only five MPs have hundred per cent attendance in the parliament. Experts say that the lawmakers must participate in as many discussions and debates as they can if they are serious about their job. It is good to think twice before voting for a celebrity or elite candidate next time, they add. It is inappropriate to deny the fact that there are several committed lawmakers who are extremely sincere about the job bestowed on them by their voters. Sonia Gandhi, the Congress president, who was not well for some time, has scored nearly fifty-nine per cent attendance. Nearly one hundred and thirty-three parliamentarians of the five hundred and forty-five lawmakers have participated in not less than ninety per cent programme of the sessions.


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