June 24, 2024
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India denounces Trump’s remark on Delhi’s commitment to Paris climate pack

While speaking about Trump’s remark on Delhi’s commitment to the historic climate pact, the India External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, has asserted that our country does not expect any financial gain through the Paris climate pack, to which it continues to extend its support and commitment despite the US’ withdrawal. Earlier, while announcing its departure from the renowned climate treaty, the US President, Donald Trump, claimed that India and China get financial gains through this pact at the cost of the unfair financial obligation imposed on Washington. Trump added that the erstwhile Obama regime failed to present the US’ interest fairly on the discussion table. Anyway, the Indian cabinet minister’s comment has come at a time when several environment lovers and some European leaders have expressed speculation about the US’s prime ally’s commitment towards the pact that will decide the future of the earth and human being. In her statement, the minister has cited India’s rich culture and heritage which urges Indians to respect and worship the rivers, mountains and forests. The common eastern philosophy that both India and China holds creates a common ground in which both aggressively growing countries can work together in the foreseeable future at least in certain important sectors such as the environment protection. It is an unfortunate fact that the huge financial support that the US’s erstwhile regime offered has prompted the Trump regime, which possesses an anti-environment attitude and is not in favour to contribute such a huge amount to the environmental cause, to ditch the vital pact. But, it is to be noted that by doing so the US has estranged itself from the opportunity offered by the pact to develop the renewable energy. It is advised that instead of raising baseless arguments, the Trump regime should rethink its decision.


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