May 27, 2024
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“Digital Detox” Fasting To Stay Away From Internet, Smartphones

On Wednesday, during the ongoing “Paryushan Parva” holiday, members of the Jain community in Madhya Pradesh performed a 24-hour “digital detox” fast or fast without internet.
Before beginning their fast, some 100 residents of Begumganj in the Raisen district turned off their smartphones and left them at a temple.

The Jain community observes “Paryushan Parva” every year as a time for reflection, self-purification, and spiritual growth. The “digital detox” fast was observed, according to local community leader Akshay Jain, to avoid using the internet and smartphones, which have become addictions.

To help people avoid this addiction, a “digital detox” fasting effort, or fasting without internet, was begun, he said.

Ajay Jain, a different community leader, stated that they chose to observe the fast in order to “detoxify” and raise awareness because young people have grown dependent on social media, online gaming, and pornography.

“Youngsters are addicted to pornography, online games and social media these days. We wanted them to understand how to avoid using the internet, smartphones, and other technology “Ajay Jain, a different local leader, remarked.

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