July 2, 2020
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Cyclone Fani hits Odisha; over 11 lakh evacuated

Cyclone Fani, which originated in the Bay of Bengal a few days ago, has hit the Odisha’s coastal district of Puri. Over 11 lakh people, mostly those living in the coastal areas, have been evacuated to safe camps set up by the government authorities. In the initial stage, the authorities have evacuated the disabled and the most vulnerable. The government may evacuate more people, if the situation demands. At present, the situation is under complete control of the authorities. There is nothing to get panic.

At present, the centre of the cyclone (that is, the eye of the cyclone) is in the land. It has entered the land by around 10 am today.

In the coming hours, the intensity of the cyclone is likely to decrease sharply, as per the observation made by the Indian Meteorological Department.

All machineries of the government which are supposed to handle a situation like this are working efficiently in the field at present to bring to intensity of the impact of the cyclone to the lowest.

There are reports that the cyclone has also impacted some of the remote regions in the Andhra Pradesh, particularly those close to Odisha.

More details are awaited.

Vignesh. S. G
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