November 30, 2023

Clashes erupt in Venezuela

Severe clashes have erupted in Venezuela as the pro-government forces have tried to block the demonstrations organised by the anti-government protesters across the country at the behest of opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Unfortunately, a young woman has been shot to death during the clashes. At this moment, it remains unclear who has shot the lady. The opposition leader has demanded an investigation into the death of the lady.

The protest is expected to intensify in the coming hours.

Earlier, there were rumours that Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro was planning to escape to Cuba. Later, the International media houses dismissed the rumours as baseless.

The Venezuelan socialist regime is not popular among its population. Most of them blame the regime for the misfortunes they undergo at present.

Venezuela is at present under the clutches of severe financial struggle. It faces economic sanction from the US. The people in Venezuela find it difficult even to meet their immediate needs.

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