January 25, 2022
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Cross-border hostility affects the normal life of villagers living near Indo-Pak IB


The latest developments clearly indicate that the state of cross-border hostility between India and Pakistan makes the normal life of villagers living in Jammu Kashmir near the Indo-Pak International Border difficult.

A national media has reported as the villagers living in this region as saying “now the situation in the region is worse than what it was in the year 1971 (the year in which India and Pakistan were in the state of war)”.

It is learned that for last few months, the border villagers have been experiencing the adversities of the cross-border hostility between the two neighbours.

For a normal human being, it is a nightmare to wakeup hearing the voice of an gun firing or a shell firing. But, unfortunately, here, it is a new normal.

Samka, Sahbad Tankan Wali, Badri Gulabgarh, Avdal, Kapoorpur and Kushalpur are some of the worst affected villages in the region.

These Indian villagers have informed the media representatives their fear that they have become the new target of Pakistan.

The concerned should take up serious initiatives to make sure that the normal life of the villagers is not affected because of the cross-border hostility.


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