October 25, 2021

Magen Fernandes

Name Magen Fernandes
Age 23
Height 5’6”
State Maharashtra
Hobbies Singing, Cooking, Art & Craft.
Strength Eternal Optimist, creative, confident, gets along well with people and strong leadership qualities.
Weakness I don’t really believe in weakness, since I try and overcome my weakness if any, to make me a better and stronger person.
•2nd runners up for Ms. University (Mumbai Level)
•2nd runners up for Ms. University (India Level)
•Been part of the girls Hockey team at District and State Level
•Gold Medalist for the Best singer at School Level
•Gold Medalist at the University Level for Group Western Singing
•Professional singer and have sung in two gospel cd’s and another  cd titled as Guru which is a tribute to Teachers.
•Featured on Cosmopolitan Nov 2012, Femina in Dec 2012 and the most recent being Vogue India Web Page and Feb issue 2015.
•Been a part of the Ms. Malani’s world on TLC.
•Walked for designers like Nikita Harale and Nikita Merchant.

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