July 13, 2024
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TDP supremo set to convene a high-level party meeting today


Telugu Desham Party National President and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is set to convene a high-level party meeting today at Amaravati (the proposed future-capital of AP) to deliberate the political crisis that engulfed the state after the release of the national budget.

The national budget, which was prepared by the BJP government in which the TDP is a member, offers no serious perks to Andhra Pradesh, which was offered huge promises at the time of bifurcation.

A senior TDP leader has claimed that of the six thousand crores pledged at the time of the infamous bifurcation, only four thousand crores have been released yet.

It is clear that more funds are needed to fuel the huge infrastructural projects which are going on in the state and are set to start in the proposed future-capital.

Last day, the AP MPs disrupted the function of both houses of the parliament. Both YSR Congress MPs and TDPs participated in the protest which occurred in the parliament.

Meanwhile, there are allegations that the YSR Congress is trying to get close with the BJP regime utilising the opportunity.

It is learned that in the high-level meeting, the party leaders will also discuss the aforementioned issue also.


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