March 1, 2024
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Former Bangladesh PM Khaleda Zia found guilty in corruption case


Khaleda Zia, who is a former Bangladesh Prime Minister and a senior most leader of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, has been found guilty in a corruption case, which, the BNP says, is politically motivated.

A Special Court established in the country’s capital of Dhaka has given a severe sentence of five years imprisonment for the crime, which it has found she has committed.

Apart from the top leader, her son, Tarique Rahman, who is currently in exile, and four others, who are associated with her, have been given tough punishments by the special court.

Except the lady leader, all others named in the case have been awarded a long prison term of ten years.

The court, while announcing the verdict, has claimed that the female leader has been given a lenient sentence compared to others considering her social status and age.

The legal team of Ms Zia, who is preparing to take part in the parliamentary election which is going to take place in December, has asserted that they would approach higher courts for justice.

Political expert says that the case and its legal proceedings could not stop Ms Zia from participating in the upcoming election.

In the upcoming election, the BNP is likely to win a significant number of seats. It is clear that the political instability in Bangladesh, which was formed with the help of India, is giving serious worries to Delhi.


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