October 3, 2022

Meditative Transactions – Mr. Vinod Kumar

By what method can you get sharpeners of attention? To sharpen your attention,
breathing techniques and meditation is essential.
1. The mind is exposed to many activities. And all those activities etch impression of
your minds.
2. From within the mind, there are surges of thoughts. Is that not your experiences?
3. And then the mind is full of conditions and principles that have been taught to
4. And the fourth type of impressions, are those that you inferred, derived and
concluded as you dealt with many situations.
We are compelled to be in activities. So, begin to make your list of “Things to do”. Many
times, there is no clarity on why or what, must be your achievements for the day. You
may not have method to segregate and categorise those things that you want to do. So,
learn to get organised. Simply write down, about fifteen things that you must
accomplish for this day. Once you write them down, then put numbers to them, in the
margin. Your thoughts have now, begun to be visible, to you, in the paper. And then, that
there are numbers to them. Index the items in this list by way of priority: Urgency,
Emergency, Necessity and Need. Then is hobby and other low on returns, indulgences.
After you make a list of, things to do, in ascending or descending order, then write down
the methods to make such achievements. Now, you got some order and discipline. You
are going to get organised. Your brain must cooperate with you. To get the cooperation
of your brain, then do breathing technique practices and meditation. You have to
repeatedly decide on the flavour of icecream to chose, or even the kind of food to eat, or
the clothes to wear. The place to buy the house or even the career. So, to make correct
choices, do you not need to get orderly? So, your wardrobe, shelves and cupboards, are
all awaiting to get organised inside. Your brain must get into an organised mode. Your
banking, finances and payment of taxes on time will happen, only when you decide, to
get orderly. Get the rationale and understanding, on how to get immersed into, a culture
of compliances.

When many goals overlap, then too, you are confused. Then insert into your daily
routine, a ten minutes body stretches programme. May be called as yoga stretches, for
your body. This is to practically ensure that you can cut into, the realm of confusion.
Each overlapping plan must get sorting. After you separate the goal or target, from their
contradicting nature, then put these segmented aims and goals,into separate frames.
Now you can get a relief from confusion.
Much of your inhibitions may be founded on things that are taught to you by socially or
in the industry. Has your mind, used to be confined to specific and predictable behaviour
patterns? You must get some flexibility for your rigid and crystalised understanding.
You have to imagine new possibilities, fresh configurations of permutation and
combinations. In short, get committed to get out of the beaten path. Cut through.
Construct and fabricate, actionable solutions. Circumvent and surpass the obstacles and
blocks in your nervous system. At any cost, get the expertise on mental skills.
By what method, will you reinvent your learnings? Scratch upon the conclusions that
you made in the past. Seek updated and upgraded inputs. It is inevitable. Many times
your management and transactory doctrines will not correspond with, that which is
operational. Your criterions and estimate may not match up with that, what is already in
function. So, for workabilities, your wisdom must allow you to relent, to the latest and
trendy realities. You can compel yourself to bid goodbye, to the fixations on your past
experiences. Move on to progress and forward.
Profits and gains are not necessarily, the only indicator of success. Your colleagues
choosing to stay together and work together, through times of recession and deficits,
can be considered as matters of a healthy company. Ability to collaborate will win, only
when you reach out and establish variety of relationships. Business men also need to
relate to change in transactions, within the industry. Open up to new methods to say
hello, to consumers of your product.
Identify the policy that must have made you shrink or be narrow. Decide to introduce in
to your colleagues and staffs, the new mindsets. That of, expansion and to evolve to the
new orderliness in the mind. Mental hygiene is a premium product for human resource,
and friendly characters.
 UT Eng Feb 2018
Without sharpness of attention and keenness of awareness, our business is
handicapped. So, get the education about working of the mind. The quality of business
transaction cannot be enhanced, without the idea of personal purpose, meaning and
direction. The Chief Executive Officers are upgrading the Human Resource with
commitment, to the cause of meditative transactions.
People do, all that they do to arrive at the zone of happiness. Exploring to discover new
paradigms to work and bond together, needs serious attentions. What are the costs that
you are incurring because of your addiction to money, as unit of success? Give it
sometime. To collaborate and calculate the costs. The expenditure that you have,
because of ignorance on many other sources of joy and camaraderie, that is not directly
linked to pecuniary gains. How can you afford to neglect a study, that will energise the
minds of all those, who work in your company?
So do not let it pass. The opportunity to enroll your people into a programme of
happiness, will be the timely action. The worker must infer that the owners and
management are capable of caring for the worker as much, as they care for the wealth of
the company. The worker and all the people, learn and receive instructions better when
there is a clarity and lightness in their minds. This statement needs your respect. Happy
people are more productive. Happiness is source of good performance.
Not all intrusion or disruption to others that you may cause, are regressive. You may
have inflicted some emotional pain, on another person. Many people who mentor or
train other people, are source of inconvenience to the trainee. Because sometimes that
student is not just ready for the teacher. I would not worry much, on these, light, yet
nice shakeups. How else will anybody learn and equip themselves to be solving their
problems? But the intention and charm in approach are essential. Meditative
transactions will ensure the maturity in, and of your presence.
You can become visibly the reference point for your team. The new and fresh talent can
gravitate towards, your methods. Inspiring and influencing, are also signs of victory.
Invest into meditation, breath techniques and happiness, to stay ahead in business.

Vinod Kumar

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