October 3, 2022

Green Peas helps to prevent ‘stomach cancer’


Green Peas is commonly known as the meat of poor. One gram of Green Peas provides more protein than what a similar quantity of meat provides.

Canada is the biggest producer of this agricultural product. Green Peas is also widely cultivated in India.

It is an unfortunate fact that Indians often give less importance to this treasure in daily diet. The prime reason behind this is that most Indians are not aware about the health benefits of this product.

It is a rich source of nutrients and dietary fibres. A new study has discovered that Green Peas has the ability to prevent stomach cancer.

Apart from the aforementioned quality, there are many health benefits for this product; Green Peas helps in weight management, acts as an anti-ageing agent, boots immunity, regulates blood sugar level, prevents health diseases, cures digestion issues and gifts healthy bones.

Try to include this treasure in daily diet. Stay Healthy!



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