March 20, 2023

Black tea reduces stress level


Black tea, white tea and green tea are the three prime varieties of teas available in the country. Of the three teas, black tea is the most popular and widely consumed tea.

It is an uncontested fact that even those who prefer black tea over other varieties of teas are unaware about the benefits of this tea.

It is widely perceived that green tea is more beneficial than other teas. But, the fact is that black tea is as good as green tea.

As per a study report, black tea helps to reduce the stress level of human beings. Experts say that regular consumption of this tea help to keep our stress level at the bottom.

There are many other health benefits for this tea. Black tea also prevents cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer.

It has anti-bacterial capabilities. It is widely used to treat diarrhoea as an easily accessible house remedy.


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