February 4, 2023
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India beefed up security forces across Indo-China border


Strengthening the speculations that the Indian government is considering the aggressive infrastructure developments carrying out by the Chinese authorities across the Indo-China border as a silent provocation, the Indian authorities has beefed up security installations in all sensitive border regions situated along the Indo-China border.

A national media has reported that the Indian government has been consistently increasing its security personals in the sensitive regions along the Indo-China border since the Doklam stand-off.

The national media has quoted a soldier as saying that the Indian side is always ready to confront any kind of situation.

It is learned that India is putting more focus on the tri-junctions where India, China and Myanmar meet.

The Doklam stand-off, one of the longest stand-off that the country has ever witnessed, lasted at least seventy-three days.

Many then feared the possibilities of a violent confrontation between China and India raised by the stand-off. It was the persistent and sincere effort shown by the Indian and Chinese diplomats that helped both countries to avert a serious disaster.

It is said that the Chinese side is also very vigilant after the stand-off. As per a political observer, the communist country is also closely observing India’s engagements with its neighbours in the South Asian region and is strengthening the military capacity and infrastructure in the Indo-China border region just like the world’s largest democratic country.



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