December 10, 2023
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COVID-19: Winning the fight 11 patients to be discharged today at Telangana

On Sunday during the national Covid-19 panic, a silver lining is that the State government announced that 11 Coronavirus positive patients have tested negative after treatment and that they would be discharged on Monday.

While, three more people tested positive on Sunday, taking the total number of positive cases to 70. Of them, one has already been discharged and with 11 more set to be discharged on Sunday, the number of active cases in the State now drops to 58. As per the protocol, the discharged patients would have to be under home quarantine for another 14 days for precautionary purposes.

Speaking to the media after a review meeting, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said, “All the other patients under treatment at Gandhi Hospital are stable and recovering, except for a 56-year-old man who is slightly serious. I believe most of them would recover soon, leaving about 30 to 35 positive cases to treat. Close to 25,937 people are under quarantine at present under the supervision of 5,746 teams. They are all responding well with no symptoms. Over the course of the next nine days, the quarantine period of these people will end.”

The Chief Minister also cautioned people to observe self-discipline. “Since India’s healthcare system is not the best, and the only possible “weapon” we have in our hands is to stop the spread of Covid-19 by practising social distancing and stick to the lockdown,” he said.

“The ban on all international and domestic flights, and at sea ports and blocking of national terrestrial borders has prevented carriers of virus from other countries or from other states. We have already started receiving international acclaim for the way that the country has been tackling the epidemic,” he said. “A person in South Korea, who was not aware that she was infected, spread it among 59,000 people that she came in contact with. So, I urge people to not move in groups and maintain proper hygiene and social distancing,” he said.

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