June 6, 2020
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COVID-19: Altered rail coaches to be turned to isolation beds for COVID19 patients

Further tweaking its arrangements to offer 20,000 coaches changed over into isolation wards for coronavirus patients, the Indian Railways on Tuesday said these coaches can oblige up to 3.2 lakh possible beds.

It has likewise reserved focuses for its 16 zones, with the South Central Railways headquartered at Secunderabad in Telangana standing out with 486 coaches being dispensed for transformation, trailed by Mumbai headquartered Central Railway being assigned 482 coaches.

“These altered 20,000 coaches can suit up to 3.2 lakh potential beds for isolation needs. Work on adjustment of 5,000 coaches, which are to be changed over at first into isolate/separate coaches has as of now started.These 5,000 mentors would have an ability to oblige up to 80,000 beds. One mentor is required to have 16 beds for detachment,” as per the sources. Just non-AC ICF sleeper coaches are being intended to be used for transformation into isolate/disengagement mentors.

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