August 14, 2022
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Congress projects farmer suicide as main issue in assembly elections in BJP-ruling states

The main opposition party, Congress, has projected the issue of farmer suicide as the main issue in the Assembly Elections in the BJP-ruling states, like Maharashtra.

The Grand Old Party alleges that as many as 12, 800 farmers have committed suicide in the Indian state of Maharashtra alone in the last five years.

Notably, in Maharashtra, a few days ago, a farmer recently committed suicide, wearing the campaign t-shirt distributed by the BJP in the state as part of its election campaign, just few kilometres away from the venue where Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis organised a grand election rally.

The Congress has also questioned the moral right of the Chief Ministers of other BJP-ruling states like the Uttar Pradesh to campaign in the state of Maharashtra.

The Congress asks when the UP CM could not even solve the farmer crisis in this state, how is he going to give assurance to the farmers of Maharashtra.

Many have criticised the Congress Party’s attempt to politicise the issue of farmer crisis. They allege that the Congress has purposefully concealed the fact that the situation was not different in the state when the Congress-led government was in power in the state.

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