February 29, 2024
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CoRover.ai unveils BharatGPT a GenAI as a Service

CoRover.ai has introduced BharatGPT, India’s first Large Language Model (LLM), with the goal of transforming AI interactions across 22 Indian languages. As a homegrown Generative AI platform, BharatGPT seamlessly integrates with both voice and text, offering a unique solution to language diversity challenges. The model includes voice integration in more than 12 Indian languages and text support in 22 languages, achieved through collaboration with the National Hub of Language Technology (NHLT) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s National Language Translation Mission (NLTM).

Amitabh Nag, CEO of BHASHNI, highlighted the scalability and innovative applications demonstrated in partnership with CoRover. He emphasized that breakthroughs in language technology, such as BharatGPT utilizing AI, ML, and NLP, would drive new initiatives forward. CoRover.ai, a provider of AI Virtual Assistants to organizations like IRCTC, LIC, IGL, and NPCI, has seamlessly integrated BharatGPT into its existing platforms.

The CoRover Conversational AI platform empowers developers and business users to effortlessly create multilingual virtual assistants with both text and voice capabilities. Noteworthy features include data sovereignty, seamless integration with enterprise-wide automation applications, and real-time transaction APIs accessible through the API sandbox. CoRover also supports the incorporation of payment gateways and Aadhar-based authentication for KYC, offering a comprehensive solution.

The platform’s components encompass dialogue/conversational management, real-time analytics, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, sentiment analysis, and more. Through collaboration with Bhashini, CoRover addresses language barriers, allowing users to communicate in their preferred language.

Abhishek Singh, President & CEO of NeGD and DIC (Digital India), commended BharatGPT for its potential impact on Conversational AI in India. He envisioned it as a catalyst for technological empowerment, positioning India as a forefront AI-driven country.

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