April 13, 2024
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Koodathayi Murder Case: Jolly’s Parents Quetioned by the investigation

Koodathayi serial murder case’s special team investigating team on Monday questioned Jolly’s parents, her sister and brothers at their house at Valiyakandam in Kattappana. The team comprised Special Branch SI Jeevan George, who had first submitted a report recommending a detailed investigation in the case. The team inquired mainly about two things, when did Jolly last came to Kattappana and the purpose of her visit.

When Jolly was arrested last week, her father Joseph had revealed to the investigating team that she had huge financial responsibilities. The police had got information that Jolly used to visit her house at Kattappana often. However, she preferred to stay at her ancestral house only for a day and during the rest of the days she went out to visit some other places.

Jolly came to Kattappana last on the Thiruvonam day. However, she stayed only for two days at home. Meantime, police got information that Jolly had gone to Coimbatore to meet Johnson, a close friend working at the BSNL office there. She had also stayed there for two days. Investigation is on to find why Jolly visited Johnson and whether he was also involved in the crime.

When police inquired about how the family members tried to solve Jolly’s financial responsibilities, her brother Noby said that she used to call him often and tell him about her financial issues. Jolly also asked money from her parents when she last came to Kattappana.

“I visited the Ponnamattam house along with some of my family members to discuss the property issue there. However, I understood that Jolly had created land documents and I scolded her for the cheating she had done,” Noby said. Noby told the officials that he used to give Jolly money whenever she demanded. “However, she was never satisfied with the money we gave. Since I knew about her lavish nature, I used to deposit money in her children’s account,” he said

The investigating team questioned Jolly’s parents in the presence of officials at the Kattappana police station and Kattappana village officer on Monday.

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