May 26, 2024
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Centre asks states to collect biometric details of Rohingya Muslims


The central government has directed all state governments to collect the biometric details of the Rohingya Muslims, who entered the Indian soil following the persecution of the Myanmar army in their traditional home land, Rakhine.

While answering a question raised on the sensitive subject of Rohingya Muslim migrants, a senior minister of the central government opined that the Rohingya Muslims were not refugees, but illegal migrants.

When the government was questioned in the house by pointing out the fact that in the issue of Rohingya Muslims it deviated extensively from the traditional stand the country usually takes in such a refugee crisis, the central government attempted to defend their stand by saying that they were more concerned about the security and safety of their people than the illegal migrants.

The representative of the central government purposefully informed the house that the government received adequate information to believe that the illegal migrants from Rakhine state involved in several criminal activates across the country.

Notably, the representative tactically concluded his argument without presenting any figures, evoking a feeling in a section of members that the authorities were raising baseless arguments against the migrants.

The big question is: is the new initiatives the first step towards the deportation of the Rohingya Muslims.  


Vignesh. S. G

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