June 23, 2024
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BJP opens its doors for ‘potential partners’ in TN


In a bid to know the mind of Dravidian parties, the BJP has expressed its willingness to join hands the regional parties in the upcoming general election.

A political expert says that the BJP should find a powerful partner in the state if it aims to win a considerable number of seats in the 2019 general election.

It is the BJP Chief, Amit Shah, who has originally expressed the party’s decision. Soon after the announcement, several BJP leaders from the state have come out with supporting statements. The expert says that it is a well planned move. He adds that the saffron party tries to present its potential front as an anti-corruption front.

It is to be noted that both AIDMK and DMK have not yet dismissed the possibilities of such an alliance in the state.

Meanwhile, there are assumptions that the BJP’s prime strategy is to attract the political parties launched in the state by the charismatic actors –Rajni and Kamal.

In the general election, the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which has nearly thirty-nine Lok Sabha seats, is a crucial state. Tamil Nadu is one of the Southern states in which the BJP has a significant influence, after Karnataka, which has over twenty-eight Lok Sabha seats.


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