July 15, 2024

Garlic is a good snake repellent: Report


Snake is a common reptile seen across our country. There are several varieties of snakes present in the country. Some of the snakes seen in the country are venomous. But, the least known reality is that a considerable number of the snakes present in our country are non-venomous and, thus, are not harmful for human.

Whatever the reality is, the sad truth is that people fear all kinds of snakes. Though snakes are everywhere, it is very hard to locate them normally. But, in the rainy season, the things change. As, in this season, snakes start move from wet places to dry and warm places, monsoon gives chance to see this reptile very often.

The monsoon is here. For those who don’t want to see snakes and fear to see it, there is a good news. It is said that garlic has the capability to act as a powerful snake repellent. That means: if garlic is in and around you, the chance for you to see snakes is very low.

Try it!      


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