July 27, 2021
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Garlic’s health benefits

Garlic is a common item seen in the Indian kitchens. It has some anti-bacterial properties. There are many who consume this item regularly eyeing at the health benefits that it offers. Is garlic actually good for health? It is true that those who consume this item regularly may experience several health benefits. It is good […]Continue Reading

Natural remedies for UTI

Urinary Tract Infection is a most common disease condition seen in human beings. It is mostly seen in women, than in men. Normally, the infection in any part of Ureter and Urethra is called the UTI. Pain in the flank, abdomen or pelvic area, pressure in the lower pelvis, abnormal urination and painful urination are […]Continue Reading

Natural ways to fight ‘Asthma’

Asthma is a serious disease. Nowadays, it is a very common disease among youngsters and children. Atmosphere pollution is the prime reason for the rapid rise in asthma-related cases. The disease is partially curable. Modern medicines help to contain this disease condition to an extent. Noteworthy, some, who are undergoing this disease condition, say that the […]Continue Reading