July 12, 2024

Natural remedies for UTI


Urinary Tract Infection is a most common disease condition seen in human beings. It is mostly seen in women, than in men. Normally, the infection in any part of Ureter and Urethra is called the UTI.

Pain in the flank, abdomen or pelvic area, pressure in the lower pelvis, abnormal urination and painful urination are the prime symptoms of the disease.

When we approach a medical practitioner with these symptoms, he, in a normal situation, may prescribe antibiotics and pain killers.

Do you know there are some natural remedies for this disease condition? Yes, what you have just heard is right?

Person, suffering from the disease condition, should drink as many glasses of water they can. They should drink at least one glass of water every hour.

Some studies have suggested that yogurt, cranberries and garlic have some special properties which help to reduce the discomforts caused by this painful disease condition.


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