November 30, 2023
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BSP is sceptical about the grand alliance, but not completely dismissing it

Even while keeping the possibility of creating a grand alliance live, the BSP has dismissed any possibility of getting into an alliance at this juncture prematurely. While speaking to the party workers at a party conference conducted at the party headquarters in Lucknow, the BSP supremo, Mayawati, citing the failed alliance experiments which happened in 1993 and 1996, said that the party should be prepared to contest the upcoming general election in their own ground. It is announced that when the party made an alliance with SP in 1993, the SP’s Muslim voters voted for the Congress party. The BSP leader has also reminded its supporters that when the party supported the Congress in 1996, the Congress’s Muslim votes went to the SP and the upper caste Hindu votes were absorbed by the BJP. It is identified that in both these instances the parties which got into the alliance with the BSP was benefitted from the alliance extensively, but the process considerably reduced the support base of the BSP and adversely affected the confidence gained by them among its voter base. Anyway, it is learned that the Dalit party has now revamped their managerial framework by dismantling several committees and reorganising it with fresh leaders. It seems that the party has identified their weak point that its structure is overcrowded with a segment of Dalit so it is making some other sections of the Dalit community difficult to get into its key positions.


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