February 9, 2023
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“Didn’t Let Me See Her”: Killed Uttarakhand Teen’s Mother Says Was Tricked

The 19-year-old receptionist’s mother claims her daughter was swiftly cremated and she was never able to view her body. Her death caused widespread protests in Uttarakhand. She claims that under the guise of taking her to her daughter, the administration tricked her into going to the hospital.
Earlier news reports had stated that the mother had been admitted to the hospital because she was ill. She now claims in a video that she was fine and was only taken to a hospital on false pretences.

“The took my husband along forcibly, but didn’t take me. They brought me here from the forest where I live, saying I will see my daughter,” the visibly upset mother could be heard complaining in the video shot in the hospital.

She claimed that when she questioned their destination, they calmed her by telling her they were taking her to her daughter.

“After that, doctors pushed me into a wheelchair. They took me to a hospital despite my questioning the need for it. They then started filming a movie while forcibly starting me on intravenous sugar solution.

Narrating her ordeal, she said four-five people had come to her and said they would take her to the cremation site. “I said I am her mother, I won’t do anything until I see her. I said I won’t budge until you show me my daughter. I wasn’t unwell at all. They tricked me into coming here. I was sitting at the civic body’s office. This is just for show, they have betrayed us,” she said.

During last night’s violent demonstrations against the police for allegedly taking too long to act, the teen receptionist was incinerated. The family has expressed concerns about the government’s handling of the issue.

The body was first refused to be cremated by the deceased’s relatives and protesters because they objected to the resort where she worked being demolished. They claimed it was an effort to obliterate evidence in the case, in which the principal accused is the son of a top BJP leader who has since been expelled.

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