October 6, 2022
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Centre to consider electoral reforms

While responding to a question raised by the top court of India, the central government has assured that it is seriously considering the law commission’s recommendations on decriminalisation of politics and electoral reforms. The statement given by the centre to the Supreme Court has come as a response to the petition, seeking directives to block the criminals from entering the political hemispheres such as the judiciary, executive and legislature, filed in the top court by advocate Ashwani Kumar Upadhyay. It is learned that the centre could not shy away from giving a statement as the bench, hearing the Public Interest Litigation, headed by Justice Ranjan Gogai and Justice Navin Sinha, has sought the response of the leading government. In the statement, the centre government has reminded the addressee that it is not easy to implement the electoral reforms and it is a step by step process. In addition to that, it has asserted that it has appointed a special task force to pave a feasible way to implement the law commission’s recommendations. It seems that the centre is not in favour of the proposal directing the appointment of a special court in order to deal with the cases related to the lawmakers. A renowned political scientist, recently, in a statement, has asserted that the important constitutional issue of the political agenda of our country is that these are hardly any laws aimed at blocking the criminalisation of politics and at regulating the political parties. The electoral reform is the need of the time. It is not advisable to move ahead with such a corrupted system as Indians have high hopes for its future.


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