May 21, 2024
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Protest erupts in Kochi Airport as Trupti Deasi arrives to visit Sabarimala


Severe protest has erupted in the Kochi International Airport as renowned gender equality activist Trupti Deasai has reached the airport today morning to visit the popular hill temple of South India Sabarimala, which was recently ordered by the top court of the country to drop its controversial tradition, which bans the entry of women aged between ten and fifty into the premises of the temple for worship or for any other purpose, accepting the argument that the tradition stands contrary to the fundamental rights assured in the constitution for all citizens of India including woman and thus is unconstitutional– notably, there is no ban as per the tradition in the temple for the women who do not come under the age group 10-50, so many believe that the tradition does not amount to the violation of rights.

Anyway, Ms Trupti views this issue as a clear case of gender equality violation. Her point is that it is unfair to deny entry for women into a place of worship, where men can go.   

A couple of days ago, the state government of Kerala, which supports the entry of woman of all ages into the temple, rejected Ms Trupti’s request for extra-ordinary protection during her visit to the hill temple.



Vignesh. S. G

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