August 3, 2021

Beauty knows no age: Interview with Valentina Mishra

7. About the titles Ms and Mrs in beauty pageants, how different is the process of preparation for both? What are the major requirements for both individually?
First major different is the marital status. In Ms India and other related pageants, the participants have to be single, whereas in Mrs India and related contests, being married is a major criteria. And depending on the pageants and their respective rules, there are varied criterias. Generally, in ‘Ms’ beauty pageants, the contestants have to be perfect. So they need have certain height, certain weight, perfect hair, skin, eyes and all. Whereas, in ‘Mrs’ pageants, the physical conditions, health and their circumstances are considered. They give importance to mothers and how well they have can perform in their current physical status. Also compared to ‘Ms’, ‘Mrs’ is more hectic. The participants are mothers and they have a lot of day-to-day activities to do. Whereas in the other case, they have their parents to look after them. Apart from studies, they are more free and have nothing else to worry about, other than what they have to do before the audience or judges and the subsequent result.

Shamili, Valentina Mishra, Srimukhi @ Mrs.Telangana 2015 Curtain Raiser Press Meet Stills
8. Is there any specific message or any particular advice you give to your fellow trainees while grooming them?

I support them with my instructions from day one till they walk the ramp for the last time in that particular pageant. I talk to them and urge them to be themselves. Above all, the one particular aspect I focus on is to find out what they lack and what is needed. I talk to them and take care of that. They have to work on it themselves at the end of the day. At the same time I share my personal experiences in this industry with them. I make the situation light and ask them to be confident and to get over their nervousness.



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