August 3, 2021

Beauty knows no age: Interview with Valentina Mishra

9. Tell us about acting career and your role in TV series CID.

While I was doing my work in modelling industry, my peers asked “why don’t not go for a career in acting?”. I did advertisements before and did a role in TV series CID. Personally, I feel that it is not easy for a model to be an actress. As an actress you need to have range and specific requirements for the characters. Whereas in modelling, you need perfection. So I didn’t go much into the acting career.
10. Tell us about your collaboration with Pegasus and your role in their major events.

They are like a family. I am here in this position because of the work and because of the opportunities provided to me by the Mr. Ajit Ravi and Mrs Jebitha Ajit. I have worked with them for the past 6 years. My first work with the Pegasus team is Miss South India 2010 and they have encouraged me and motivated me to go forward. I also want to credit my Mrs India pageant victory to the Pegasus team, for the opportunities I’ve had, the experiences and their motivation.



11. What are your future plans in this industry? Do you have any other big ambitions?

Well, one of my ambitions is to make a mark internationally as a beauty trainer. I have groomed and trained participants in Miss Asia 2015 beauty pageant, and of course Pegasus team gave me that opportunity. I am starting a brand and I want to work such that that brand will be recognised internationally. The name is ‘Valentina’ but it is not finalised yet as Valentina and such names are very common. I want to see this brand of mine on hoardings and on international platforms. We’ll see how it will go.



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