August 3, 2021

Beauty knows no age: Interview with Valentina Mishra

5. You won Mrs Asia- beauty confident title. What is the source of your confidence?
My experience in this field gave me confidence. Above everything, it is just that I believe that we Indians are good in everything we do. We excel in every single field. We just need to be confident and shine bright the best way we can. That is what I did, I tried to enhance that when I walked, talked or when I just stood there before the audience. Thus they gave me the title.

6. You are the first person from Vishakapatnam to win Mrs India title. What was the reaction like? How did you feel?
It was an honour and a proud moment for me. I received compliments from everyone I know. The pinnacle for me was that that this is also an inspiration for all married women. For them after marriage it is very intense as they have to look after children, household and their jobs. Being in a beauty pageant is a liberating experience but it is something one cannot think about after marriage. But this contest serves as a ray of hope for them to live their dreams and they should strive for it. At the end of the day, life is short so we should live our dreams.




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